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I want 10

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Now that I think about it….I fucked up a lot of guy relationships I’ve had over the past few years. I can admit that I can get infatuated easily…but its from that comfort of having a deep and personal connection with each of them that made me view them in a different light. I just couldn’t tell the difference between admiration and infatuation? If that’s a proper contrast to use. Lol either way I do wish I could just go back to the past and have the mindset I have now…and maybe…just maybe I’ll still have a close relationship to them now. Part of me feels embarrassed for my past self, I can just face palm myself 😧. They probably think I was over attached and overbearing, I don’t blame them really. If I could apologize to you guys in person I would, Sorry Noye, Ant, and Mannachu.


take me back

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Pikachu, use thunderbolt!

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so real, yet too young to realize

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